React Native - Find View Width and Height

After spending some time with React Native, I came across an instance where I needed the view width of the device I was working on, and it took me a while to find the information. I decided to post a quick way to get the view width and height in React native.

Step 1 - Add a function to the outer view container (either main View or ScrollView). We are using the onLayout function provided by React Native.

 <View onLayout={this.logLayout} >   

Step 2 - Define the logLayout function we used in the above code snippet (this should go in the React class / component, but not in the render method).

   var width = event.nativeEvent.layout.width;  
   console.log("Width: " + width);  

onLayout is called when the view is loaded. "event.nativeEvent.layout" returns an object with the x-axis value, y-axis value, width and height of the container the the onLayout method is called upon. This could also be useful in finding the position of items in the view.

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