Ionic Framework | Page Two

Getting started with Ionic.


1. Install Node.js

2. From the terminal, run the following command to install Cordova & Ionic:

$ npm install -g cordova ionic

3. Install IOS & Android SDK (optional)

4. Create Ionic project from the command line:

$ ionic start myApp sidemenu // install project with side menu
$ ionic start myApp blank // install blank project
$ ionic start myApp tabs // install project with tabs

5. Change into directory

$ cd myapp

6. Add desired platforms: (optional), Note: unless you are on MacOS, leave out the iOS platform:

$ ionic platform ios // add ios platform build
$ ionic platform android // add android platform build

7. Test it out:

$ ionic serve // web browser
$ ionic build ios // IOS
$ ionic emulate ios
$ ionic build android // Android